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Life Insurance with No Medical

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No Medical Exam Life Insurance Policies Do Exist

Canadians who qualify for no medical exam insurance can get a term life policy with no physical. This type of policy provides good coverage without the hassles of scheduling or submitting to a medical exam. To determine if you are eligible for a policy, you will be asked to answer a series of yes/no questions. If you qualify, you could purchase a relatively low cost no medical exam policy without any further requirements.

Getting term life insurance with no medical exam is an option for people who don’t want to go through the time-consuming hassle of getting checked out by a nurse or paramedical company. People search for term life insurance without a medical exam requirement because they may not in the best of health and may end up paying for a higher premium insurance policy. No medical exam policies may also be a good alternative for children. It ensures your child’s coverage eligibility in the future, regardless of his/her future health status.

5 Tips When Considering No Medical Life Insurance

No Medical Exam Insurance Products in Canada

It is so important that you shop around and compare premiums before you buy. An online insurance quote service provider like us allows you to do just that. Our network of agents and quoting tools provide you with a host of quotes at the click of a button so that you can compare rates, policies, and evaluate the choices provided by different insurance companies in an effort to obtaining the best possible no medical life insurance for you and your specific insurance needs. Do talk to us, as you will definitely get the best plan by allowing us to understand your issues and concerns, and our website just can’t cover every possible solution that is available.

What follows are some of the more popular solutions from several insurance companies we work with. These are solutions often suggested as a starting point to our non-medical life insurance interested clients.

Humania Life Insurance Without Medical Exam is designed for people who, for medical or other reasons, have had difficulty in obtaining life insurance. To purchase, all you have to do is answer six simple eligibility questions. You are protected immediately upon receipt of your application by the insurer.

Eligibility questions

Are you currently working?

In the last 12 months, did you work at least 28 weeks and at least 21 hours per week?

In the last 2 years, were you absent from work for more than 15 consecutive days due to Illness or did you receive disability or critical Illness benefits under a private, group or public insurance plan? This refers to any private insurance plan you may have, any insurance coverage provided by your employer, professional association or other group or organization, and coverage provided by government agencies, both provincial and federal.

In the last 2 years, did you receive treatment or were you advised to seek treatment regarding the use of drugs or alcohol? Treatment includes, but is not limited to participation in a support group.

In the last 5 years, were you incarcerated in a penitentiary for more than 48 hours?

In the last 6 months, did you have any physical or mental symptoms or discomfort for which you have not yet consulted a health professional?

Product features

There are three available coverage options: Gold, Silver or Bronze level.

Amount of coverage Minimum $5,000, maximum $300,000
Age limit upon purchase Available to persons 18 to 60 years old
Type of contract Term 10 or 20 years depending on the option chosen by the person insured
Renewal Guaranteed renewable to age 70
Premium This policy has premiums that change every 10 or 20 years, depending on the option selected by the policyholder. The premium is guaranteed for the selected period. At the end of the 10 or 20-year period, depending on the option selected, the premium will be adjusted to reflect the insured’s attained age, the insured’s original risk class and the premium rates applicable at that date. The new premium will also be guaranteed for a further period of 10 or 20 years.
Beneficiary As designated by the person insured
Pre-existing condition Pre-existing condition of 12 or 24 months apply (varies according to the policy purchased by the person insured)
Refund of Premium Rider (optional) After 20 years without claim, receive a premium refund of up to 75% of total premiums paid
Exclusions and restrictions Please refer to the specimen policy document for full details

Assumption Life offers two no medical exam plans: Golden Protection and Total Protection. Golden Protection has a feature called “Plus” which increases the face amount by 3% every year but the premiums remain the same each year. The “Plus” feature is about 30% more expensive to reflect the cost of increasing the coverage amount by 3% each year. After 10 years, the coverage is 30% more, at which point this product becomes worth the extra premiums. Golden Protection is the less expensive of the two but there are more questionnaires to satisfy.

Product features

  • Coverage amounts from $1,000 to $50,000
  • No height or weight tables
  • People with diabetes, type 1 or 2 can typically qualify
  • Coverage starts from when the application is completed and cheque submitted
  • Paid up and guaranteed cash values start in the third year
    issue ages of between 40 and 85 years of age
  • Benefit amount doubles if death caused by accident and triples if it is in public transportation vehicle
  • If diagnosed with only a few months to live, you can apply for 50% of the death benefit while still living. The remainder paid on death. Before using this option, consider the purpose of the life insurance and if there will be sufficient funds left for that purpose.

Assumption Life also has a non-medical term plan called InstaTerm, that any of our knowledgeable agents would be pleased to review with you to determine if you qualify.

The second option from Assumption Life is called Total Protection. It asks only 4 qualifying questions for up to $30,000, and an additional 4 for up to $50,000 of coverage. Total Protection is also known as a “Deferred” plan, where if death occurs in the initial 2 years of the policy, due to a cause other than accidental, they will refund the premiums paid, but not the death benefit. After the policy has been in-force for 2 years, it will pay the benefit, regardless of cause. Total Protection is the more expensive of the two but easier to qualify since there are less questionnaires to complete.

Product features

  • Coverage for between $5,000 and $50,000
  • Only two qualifying questions
  • There is a two year deferral. If the insured passes within the first two years, premiums are returned with 3% interest.
  • Only four questions to qualify for up to $30,000 with another four questions to qualify for up to $50,000.
  • Available between ages 18 to 80. These can be an affordable option particularly for younger people with significant medical issues.

Canada Protection Plan life insurance is a no medical exam product which several questions are asked in order to determine eligibility. Please read carefully and see what you would qualify for.

If any questions in Section A are answered with a “Yes”, coverage is not available.

If any questions in Section B are answered with a “Yes” then only the Deferred Life plan is available. This means that no death claim will be paid for two years from date of issue and only the premiums will be returned with a nominal interest rate (currently 3%) should you die in this two year period.If all questions in Section A and B are answered with a “No”, then Simplified Life is available and benefits start on issue.

If all the questions in Sections A and B and C are answered “No”, coverage is available for $50,001 to $75,000 which is referred to as Simplified Life Plus unless you are a smoker in which case it is only available for $50,000. There is also section D, with one additional question, which if answered “No” increases the maximum coverage to $100,000.

  1. Within the past 3 years, have you had or been treated for:
    • heart failure or peripheral vascular disease?
    • cancer or malignant tumour?
    • unusual chronic infection or Immune System abnormality including HIV/AIDS?
    • an incurable terminal illness?
    • organ transplant?
  2. Are you currently hospitalized or confined to a nursing facility?
  1. Within the past 2 years, have you had or been treated for
    • heart attack, stroke, bypass surgery or coronary artery disease requiring hospitalization?
    • angina or severe chest pains requiring hospitalization?
    • high blood pressure not controlled by medication and/or a doctor
    • serious blood disorders such as hemophilia, thrombocytopenia or serious anemia?
    • chronic respiratory condition which required the administration of oxygen?
    • chronic kidney disease?
    • chronic liver disease such as hepatitis B or C and cirrhosis
    • Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, multiple sclerosis or suicide attempts?
    • alcoholism or drug addiction?
    • diabetes requiring daily insulin injections?
  2. Within the past 2 years,
    • have you applied for life insurance, which has been declined or postponed?
  3. Within the past 6 months,
    • have you had any medical tests done for which a diagnosis has not yet been reached?

For coverage over $50,000 to a maximum of $75,000

  1. Would the answers to the questions in Sections A and B change if the time frame changed to “Within the past 5 years”?
  2. Is your weight greater than that shown for your height?

Canada Protection Plan weight chart

Height(in.) Height(cm) Weight(lbs.) Weight(kg) Height(in.) Height(cm) Weight(lbs.) Weight(kg)
4’10” 145 150 68 5’10” 175 218 99
4’11” 148 155 70 5’11” 178 224 102
5′ 0″ 150 161 73 6′ 0″ 180 230 105
5′ 1″ 153 166 75 6′ 1″ 183 238 108
5′ 2″ 155 173 79 6′ 2″ 185 244 111
5′ 3″ 158 179 81 6′ 3″ 188 251 114
5′ 4″ 160 184 84 6′ 4″ 190 258 117
5′ 5″ 163 189 86 6′ 5″ 193 264 120
5′ 6″ 165 195 89 6′ 6″ 195 271 123
5′ 7″ 168 200 91 6′ 7″ 198 279 127
5′ 8″ 170 206 94 6′ 8″ 200 285 130
5′ 9″ 173 213 97 6′ 9″ 203 293 133

Guaranteed Issue is an Alternative to No Medical Exam Insurance

With a guaranteed issue policy you will not be turned down for coverage regardless of your health status, age, or other factors. However, these policies are more expensive since there is almost no underwriting involved. Insurance companies who specialize in guaranteed issue life insurance offer permanent lifetime policies with low face values such as $5,000 to $25,000 of coverage. These amounts might seem insignificant in an industry where $1,000,000 policies are commonplace, but they make sense when you look more closely at what those payouts are used for. Guaranteed issue policies are purchased to settle debts, pay off accrued medical expenses, and/or pay for funeral and cemetery costs when the insured passes away.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Life Insurance without Medical Exam is Easy

Our agents can help you find a low cost term life insurance with no medical exam at an affordable price! We are an independent insurance broker and a leading insurance quote comparison provider in Canada. We are committed to providing Canadians with top-quality policies at affordable prices. We broker no medical exam policies from many of Canada’s top rated insurance companies. These types of policies pay benefits over the duration of the policy, not just upon the death of the policyholder and are very attractive to many consumers.

No medical exam insurance continues to provide coverage for life for as long as you pay your premiums. You can select from different types of policies with varying levels of coverage. We can also provide quotes for no medical exam living benefits insurance such as guaranteed issue critical illness insurance.

Finding Quotes for No Medical Exam Life Insurance

No matter what type of policy you need, finding quotes for life insurance is the easy part. By completing the Life Insurance Quotes form, we’ll start matching you with the insurance companies that best fit your needs. We try to minimize the hassle of buying life insurance by providing you the opportunity to review competing quotes from several different companies from the comfort of your own home.

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