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Why Canadians Continue to Choose IDC Insurance

One of the most important decisions Canadians make when it comes to their finances is choosing an advisor they can trust. Our “post-sale surveys” continually earn high approval ratings for our associate agents, service and process. We know that consumers and businesses prefer to seek advice from a professional who understands the Canadian way of life. Sorting through the many different options becomes confusing without a trained expert to assist. At IDC Insurance we can offer personalized financial services to Canadians by Canadians. We care and understand the importance of our clients’ insurance planning needs. IDC Insurance provides advice, brokerage, and insurance services for Canadians from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast. IDC Insurance has a network of independent insurance agents with a combined experience of over 200 years. Our dedicated team of licensed professionals are committed to providing the best coverage at the best possible rate for all of our clients. We began serving Canadians in 1999 and our services are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut. We offer insurance and related products through approximately 35 of the best Canadian insurance companies. We are a recognized national brokerage firm with operating licenses throughout Canada.

I have been entrusted with an incredible opportunity to help guide the IDC Insurance team of talented people into an expanding era of business. I’m both honored and excited with this opportunity as we continue to maintain and grow IDC Insurance in the online marketplace. I look forward to help shape the Canadian financial services marketplace by bringing better products, better value and better experience for consumers and businesses. We want to make it easier for everyone to find affordable, quality life and health insurance, conveniently everyday.

Ben Nguyen, President

I have been working with the IDC Insurance team since 2011, and continue to be impressed with the depth of knowledge the team represents, and their willingness to share. With any organization, whether an insurance agency or a restaurant, management sets the tone. The management at IDC Insurance has created a stimulating work environment, and has set the guidelines for us to be successful in serving our clients. Our corporate goal is to provide our clients with the best product value, and service in the industry, and I believe we are achieving it, as our many testimonials can attest.

Torrie Fonda, Associate Agent

I am very excited to be a part of this forward-thinking approach to our business. Our technology at IDC Insurance is a direct result of a positive working environment and a dedicated team of management and associates who understand the industry and its’ evolving nature for both our staff and, most importantly, our prospective clients. Our brokerage provides so many advantages to our clients. I feel fortunate to be a part of our team. With all of our associates holding at least 4 provincial and territorial licenses and a combined decades of knowledge and experience, we provide the best in knowledge, choices and service to our clients.

Marilyn Brodie, Associate Agent

I was a career agent with another company and therefore only allowed to sell from one company. Being a broker now, it allows me to offer the best products to my clients and having prospective clients sent to me through IDC Insurance. It allows me to grow my business and learn products much faster than a person-to-person broker. It is night and day from career agent to broker, as you do not realize how much you are limiting your clients. And the biggest challenge most agents have is finding people to talk to. My biggest challenge with IDC Insurance now, is having so many people to talk to.

Dave Dhiman, Associate Agent

Work With An Experienced Market Leader

Our business model revolves around having a user friendly website, a robust customer relationship management system and trusting partnerships with the insurance companies. We operate almost exclusively non-face-to-face. Our agents provide comprehensive assessment, consultation, and placement of insurance business over the telephone. They are an expert team of agents with decades of experience delivering solutions to our clients by following our proven customer engagement model. When combined, these powerful systems enable our agents to focus on speaking to clients that have requirement for life insurance thus making the process easy, intuitive and responsive to our client needs. These proven systems also allow our team to focus on writing new business instead of spending valuable time searching for prospective clients. Our administrative team takes care of the entire flow of the application process through underwriting and to policy issue. Our agents have access to both, our in-house product experts and our dealer’s case consultants. We are available via the telephone, email, and through our CRM software. The marketing team manages the website and all of our digital engagement systems. We stay on top of things because we know how competitive and fast changing the online marketplace can be. We are constantly monitoring, tweaking and deploying new and innovative tools in order to stay ahead of our peers. As one of our agents, you will have access to our teleconference facilities and web based meeting systems. We conduct meetings, orientations, as well as new product launches with the help of our partners’ representatives efficiently over the Internet. For prospective agents to thrive effectively within our team, it is imperative to have professional ethics, be disciplined with strong time management, organization and communication skills. You are required to be client oriented, motivated, hard working and be willing to follow all our tested and proven systems. You will be required to maintain life license in at least three provinces. Computer literacy is a must. You will be trained on our customer engagement model and have access to our CRM system to help grow your business immediately with us.

Agents Are Coached and Mentored by the Company Founder

Mr. Russ Smart is an unusual combination of technical expertise and practical business experience. After completing his MBA at the University of Toronto, Russ went on to study for three years toward a PhD in Marketing. His career path has been anything but theoretical as he has excelled in a wide range of management positions. As an entrepreneur, Russ has successfully built and sold several companies as both a master franchiser and franchisee and a successful insurance brokerage.

Russ germinated the idea of selling life insurance non face-to-face from his home office in 2001 as an independent life insurance broker. He pioneered many of the processes that have been adopted by the industry as he grew his company, IDC Insurance, to be an industry leader with close to 10,000 clients under his management. The highlight of his insurance career was achieving the MDRT Top of the Table recognition.

When it was time to sell IDC Insurance, he looked at a number of options and selected Mr. Nguyen and his team who not only shared Russ’ vision but would continue to grow and assert IDC’s position as the premier “online insurance brokerage” in Canada. Russ is celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary in 2015 with his wife Dianne. He has two children and eight grandchildren. His family and faith are the focus of his life although he does spend time with his wife ballroom dancing, going to the gym, travelling and his hobbies of photography and video.

A Reputable Brokerage That Delivers Real Growth

IDC Insurance is a Canadian associate general agency or AGA you can trust with your future. We are one of the fastest growing AGA within PPI Solutions MGA networks. We have contracts with a large number of insurance companies. At IDC Insurance, we represent approximately 35 companies across Canada, offering the best life insurance and related products. IDC Insurance is substantially more than your average AGA. Our marketing and business processing systems are engineered to help you concentrate on the most important facet of your business: our prospective clients and clients alike. Our convenient full web-based process and our knowledgeable marketing and administrative staff will save you time and money.

PPI Solutions is a pre-eminent national MGA. Their size, scale, and investment in infrastructure, positions PPI to help you compete. PPI’s track record of developing innovative, proprietary and enduring insurance-based products that are utilized in customized solutions, together with leading edge technology support and an ongoing resource commitment keeps insurance advisors at the forefront of change.

In considering IDC Insurance, you are choosing an AGA that ensures you will find the best service to support both you and your clients, regardless of which province or territory you or they live in or move to. As an independent agent you are free to search out the best value from the entire insurance marketplace for your clients. IDC Insurance is a trustworthy associate general agency. We represent top Canadian companies enabling our agents to offer their clients the best policies and coverage solutions by helping them select a plan that fits their clients’ life and budget.

Experienced Agents Wanted, Apply Now ⇒

IDC Insurance is expanding and several positions are currently available. If you would like to be considered for a position as an independent insurance agent or broker with IDC Insurance, please take a minute to fill out the application form. After you have completed your application including an uploaded resume, an email will be sent to you to confirm our receipt of your application.

Grow Your Career with IDC Insurance

IDC Insurance is a leader in direct distribution of life and health insurance products. We simplify online insurance quote comparison and help Canadians find the best rates for the right coverage. IDC offers you the ultimate in convenience. We are unique in our approach as we do not sell leads like many other online lead generation marketing websites. Since we share the commissions, we partner with you to help you become as successful as possible by providing extensive training and coaching coupled with a web-based CRM system that helps you manage your business and all the clients’ files. We also use our “state of the art” client nurturing and communication systems to help you maximize the time you spend servicing and placing business. Our agents operate exclusively out of the comfort of their own home office. When choosing an agent, Canadians often turn to IDC Insurance for professional advice. We offer personalized, knowledgeable, brokerage based services.

What to Expect from Our Development Program

  • Agents are guided through extensive phone and web based training enabling them to become well qualified and equipped to serve prospective clients.
  • Agents are placed in intensive products education marketed by the companies plus education in our unique client servicing techniques enabling them to serve prospective clients more efficiently.
  • Agents are contracted with majority of the companies in Canada enabling them to offer a wide range of solutions and the best possible rates to prospective clients.
  • Agents are trained to translate difficult concepts into easy-to-understand explanations enabling them to deliver personalized interactions while delivering the best service to prospective clients.
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      I originally started working at IDC Insurance for the convenience of working from home.  I quickly realized that this was a great opportunity to enjoy more time with family and friends as well as personal pursuits.  I also grew to enjoy many of the people that I have worked with over the years, and look forward to meeting many more in the future.

      Darren Koch, Associate Agent

      I can truly say that it has been a blessing for me to have joined IDC Insurance. When I first learned about the company, like most, I was skeptical and asked a lot of questions. Now many years later, I can truly say I am glad to have taken the steps to join a great company. If you want to excel and work hard, do the same that I did and join IDC Insurance.

      Markus Deutsch, Associate Agent

      We currently don’t have any open positions in this area. However, we are always looking for great people and would like to hear from you. Please send an email to careers@insurancedirectcanada.com and let us know how you can make a difference at IDC Insurance.

      We currently don’t have any open positions in this area. However, we are always looking for great people and would like to hear from you. Please send an email to careers@insurancedirectcanada.com and let us know how you can make a difference at IDC Insurance.

      We currently don’t have any open positions in this area. However, we are always looking for great people and would like to hear from you. Please send an email to careers@insurancedirectcanada.com and let us know how you can make a difference at IDC Insurance.

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